Welcome. I excitedly await the opportunity to meet and CONNECT with you. My birth name is Jess and I'm thrilled that our paths are crossing right now. I am a lifelong learner of mindfulness practices in all that we do; ENERGY; and the importance of incorporating a personalized medley of gentle and therapeutic practices that invite both movement and stillness into life. 

I am here to guide you through a process I refer to as SELF-CONNECTION.  So let's meet to grab a refreshment of your choosing, or chat on the phone, or book a time to dive in to begin an exploration of mindful movements and mindful moments.


"I authentically honour the beauty of the present moment, holding space to spark the light in others."

-J.V. 2019

Using a unique approach created from techniques and theories inspired by mindfulness, meditation, qigong, and restorative, tantric and hatha yoga, to guide you in connecting your breath while exploring

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