• Jess

Dragonflies and A Mindful Suggestion

I have been surrounded by the presence of dragonflies as of late. This one joined me for a morning spent mindfully moving and meditating in my front yard this naturally I had to look up the meaning, and ask my dear friend Alisa to her wisdom, and I was blown away by what they represent. Change or transformation (check), light (check), being present (check), nature spirit (check), the need to water my plants (check), giving thanks for foods that nourish my body (check), breaking down any illusions that are restricting me (check), changing habits (check), remembering that things are never as they seem (check, Check, CHECK!). I also spent time researching dragonflies and was astounded by the facts that I discovered that I never knew about this somewhat mystical creature. The next time an animal graces you with their presence, I invite you to hit up the ol google box, or an encyclopedia if you have one lying around, and see what messages it may be trying to give you. What a way to start my week!

That being said...something for you to ponder now...

Pick a task today, any task, and spend an extra couple moments being fully and completely present during it. Whether it be a brief walk on your break at work, your morning cup of happiness, washing the pots after dinner, sitting on your front stoop, brushing your teeth, or literally ANYTHING else you do during your day. Stop before you even begin, take a deep breath and fully exhale out, and then become completely submersed in it. Express gratitude for it and all the parts that make it up. Appreciate the task for what it is and why you are doing it. Become fully present for those few moments, cease the multi tasking that we so easily resort to, take the time for yourself to INjoy (more on that another day...) the moment.

And let me know how it goes for you...

Be well and just breathe,


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