• Jess

Feeling Thankful

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

Today I am feeling inspired to express thankfulness for all of those who have inpspired and supported me throughout my journey.

Thank you to my mienne, my very bestest friend. You are my everything and more, I love you forever plus one more day. Thank you for always believing in me, pushing me further than I ever thought possible, never saying no, and providing me a level of comfort and understanding I never knew to have existed. Your time is here;)

Thank you to the parents I chose for this lifetime, Sue and Brad, as you have taught me many things in my years on this planet; strength and forgiveness, and always always believing in me are at the forefront today. Thank you to their partners for supporting and loving them on their own journeys. Thank you to my parents' parents, for bringing them into this world. And so on.

Thank you to my sisters and brothers, the ones I was given and the ones I chose. You are my unwavering sources of love, encouragement and inspiration- you know who you are;)

Thank you to my teachers and mentors, in no particular order, but all of great significance in their own unique and brilliant ways: Crystal, Bronwyn, Bridgette, Tracey, Mario, Aaron, Alissa, Stefani, Ning, Melissa, Dana, Simmi, Dawn, Holly, Gord, Ardella, Carmen, Matt, and Jason. Please contact me if you would like to know more about any of these outstanding individuals and what they offer to this beautiful world.

Be well and just breathe,

jess :)

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